Guide to Specifying Screeds with Underfloor Heating

Don’t get cold feet about specifying screeds with underfloor heating!

This seminar offers guidance on the design considerations required to specify the correct type of underfloor heating screed and look at the determining factors that will influence the screed selection. We shall also look at the types of screed available and the effect the screed will have on the time required to commission the heating system.


Core Curriculum Subjects – Designing and building it:  design, construction, technology and engineering


Knowledge level – General awareness


Learning outcomes of the CPD – a knowledge, awareness and understanding of:

  • Types of UFH
  • Importance of client briefing
  • Floor coverings
  • Screed types
  • Heating responsiveness
  • Installation procedure
  • Drying times
  • Commissioning procedure
  • Environmental considerations
  • Specialist contractors

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