Polymer admixture for bedding mortars


Ronafix admixture improves the physical properties of sand/ cement mortar mixes, making them stronger and more durable.  Water permeability of Ronafix Mix C is extremely low, providing excellent resistance to frost and preventing passage of water through the mortar.   Typical compressive strength of Ronafix Mix C is ≥ 50N/mm2, flexural and tensile strengths are considerably better than unmodified mortar.  The compressive modulus is similar to that of lower strength concrete, reducing stress on the parent concrete.  Ronafix Mix C is suggested by ACO for bedding of block paving adjacent to channel drains, to prevent rotation of blocks under traffic loads causing damage to drains.  Ibstock suggests the use of Ronafix for producing brick slip adhesives, see Ibstock Technical Information Sheet C5.

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