Admixture for thin bonded, floating & unbonded screeds


Ronafix admixture increases the physical properties of screeds and toppings, allowing Ronafix screeds to be laid thinner than conventional screeds.  Water permeability of Ronafix modified mortars is low or extremely low, depending on the mix design used, making Ronafix modified screeds highly resistant to frost damage.  Typical shrinkage of Ronafix Mix A screed is 0.01%, similar to that of epoxy resins.  Ronafix modified screeds are sufficiently dry for application of resin floorings and waterproof membranes, resilient floorings, carpet, quarry tiles, ceramic tiles and stone tiles after approximately 10 days of air curing when cured at 200C and approximately 60-65% relative humidity.  At 15mm thickness, Ronafix polymer modified screed will typically dry after 3 days air curing.

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