Pre-packed mortar for waterproof / tanking renders


Ronafix Pre-packed Tanking Render is a hand or spray applied tanking render. It is supplied as a two component mortar including a bag of pre-blended sand and cement and a bottle of polymer gauging liquid. Ronafix Pre-packed Tanking Render will produce a watertight tanking render; it is bonded to the substrate with Ronacrete Standard Primer.  Ronafix Pre-packed Tanking Render will withstand water penetration by a 30m head of water; resistance to water vapour of a 12mm layer is 120 MN·s·g–1 100 times greater than the same thickness of sand/ cement.  Flexural, tensile and compressive strengths are considerably better than similar mixes of unmodified render.  Typical shrinkage of Ronafix Pre-packed Render/ Screed is 0.01%, similar to that of epoxy resins.  Ronafix Pre-packed Tanking Render has the highest polymer cement ratio of the Ronafix pre-packed mortars, providing the greatest flexural and tensile strengths and the greatest resistance to water/ water vapour permeability and shrinkage.

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