Surface dustproofer and hardener


RonaFloor Concrete Dustproofer is a liquid surface hardener and dustproofer for the treatment of new and old concrete floors. It reduces dusting and wear and enhances the performance of the floor surface. It is supplied in concentrated form and diluted with clean water before use. It is quick and easy to apply.  Within 48 hours the floor surface is treated and ready to use. RonaFloor Concrete Dustproofer is designed for application on to porous and dusting floors and not those which have a dense surface finish or are waterproof (eg. contain Ronafix or are based on a similar product).


The chemicals in RonaFloor Concrete Dustproofer aid the penetration, increasing the depth to which it will reach and react. Its  combination and reaction with free lime in the floor screed matrix converts the particles to hard, stable crystals.  These crystals are bonded to, and become an integral part of, the floor.

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