Self-smoothing cementitious wearing screed


RonaScreed Self Smoothing Levelling Topping is a moisture tolerant, flow applied, protein free floor topping for industrial floors. The material gains strength quickly and can be accessed by foot traffic in 24 hours. After being pumped or poured the screed will smooth naturally and will provide excellent wear resistance.

Technical Data

Use Wearing Screed
Water addition per 22kg 3.10-3.25 litres
Initial flow properties @ 20°C (using 65mm diameter x 40mm flow ring) 190mm ±15mm
Workability Up to 30 minutes
Foot and light vehicle traffic @ 20°C 24 hours
Heavy traffic @ 20°C 7 days
Application thickness (min / max) 5mm/20mm
Bond Strength >1.3N/mm²
Shrinkage @ 28 days ≤ 0.02% linear
Pack Size 22kg
Compressive strength @ 28 days 30N/mm²
Flexural strength @ 28 days 9N/mm²
Tensile Strength 4N/mm²

Results shown are from samples mixed, conditioned and tested in ideal laboratory conditions (20oC, 65% RH). Site results will be lower. Drying times may be longer. When opening to foot traffic do not subject to potential impact damage for 14 days @ 20°C.


For full information about RonaScreed Self Smoothing Levelling Screed, please refer to the Technical Data Sheet.

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