Customer Service

Ronacrete has a philosophy to supply high quality products all the time as well providing the best possible customer service. This can only be achieved by working within an environment where all personnel empathise with both company and customer. We work to the procedures set out in ISO 9001:2010 and test all incoming, intermediate and finished materials.


All mixing batches are double checked on loading and go through a strict QC process before being released for delivery.


Our “no blame” policy gives reassurance to us, and all personnel, that if an error is made. As a result it can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.


Customer service does not only apply to manufacturing. Our development team are in regular contact with customers to ensure that they are happy with the products we sell. We often work alongside contractors, adjusting development and existing materials to make them more user friendly.


Furthermore, we conduct customer surveys in order to monitor customer satisfaction. It is important that our customers, be they architects, surveyors, distributors, or contractors, are happy with the technical support, delivery, presentation, and information we provide.


We are always open to new ideas and embrace customer feedback. We believe that we offer our customers the best service, but we always strive to improve.


If you wish you wish to contact one of our sales or technical support team email or or click here.

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